John Brown University- Nursing Program
Cause Of The Month

As the Inaugural Cause4Cure, we have chosen a cause that promotes one of the most important foundations required for you and I to receive exceptional healthcare – educated healthcare professionals. The inaugural Cause4Cure for the month of March is John Brown University (hyperlink) located in Northwest Arkansas.

John Brown University has been ranked first by US News & World Report among baccalaureate colleges in the southern region and recently started a nursing program to help train our future BSN healthcare professionals.  Your purchase of this product might one day be the cause for your cure

At one time or another we have all had a negative healthcare experience.

Whether it was a simple blood sample being taken or a more serious surgical procedure, most of us have horror stories that seem to contradict the natural expectation that all healthcare professionals are equal in their knowledge, ability and practice.

If science and technology were the “cure-all” to exceptional healthcare and all professionals were taught the same science, then why would it matter where they received their training, or what kind of practical hands-on experience they have had?

I argue that the best healthcare is only as good as the person who is administrating it and how they have been trained.

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