Introducing- Causes4Cures

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San Antonio Medical Supplies recently made a commitment to our community to leverage our virtual exposure in a way that will benefit “The People”!

March 1, 2016 was the first day we decided to help Causes4Cures. We begin our journey to substantiate our words with action – to give back to the people that have relied on us and will rely on us as a trusted healthcare provider.

Our Mission with Causes4Cures essentially mimics the Mission of San Antonio Medical Supplies:  “’Provide equipment to people in need at a minimal cost…’, while utilizing profits to help provide healthcare products and services in a responsible, honest, ethical and legal manner ”.

The products that we will offer through Causes4Cures will be offered at a competitive price, but the power of this initiative is in the fine print – we will donate at least 50% of the profit to the cause of the month.

Although the products and services will not always directly correlate with the Cause4Cure of the month, it will indirectly fulfill the mission.

Unfortunately we are not able to share our costs (due to Non-Disclosures with our manufacturer-partners), we will provide the total dollar amount that was donated to the respective monthly Cause4Cure as a way to show the results of your actions.

As we see healthcare evolve in a way that will affect all of us, please consider this as an opportunity to invest not only in your healthcare, but our collective healthcare future!

Most Sincerely,
Jake Naramore
San Antonio Medical Supplies