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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy A smile can last a lifetime-if you take care of it. For that reason, it’s important for parents to instill good oral health habits in children as early as possible. According to U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona’s “National Call to […]

Understanding Fatigue

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Are You Suffering From Fatigue? Fatigue or the inability to continue functioning at the same level of normalcy is becoming more common in modern life. It is often caused by a lack of energy to the point of exhaustion. This condition is normal, but it […]

what happens when you stop exercising

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Do you know what happens when you stop exercising? Many things happen to the body when it doesn’t get enough exercise. Unfortunately, it goes way beyond gaining weight. It’s important to remember that even a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise at all. […]

Genetic Makeup - Learned Behaviors

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Is It Genetic Makeup or Learned Behaviors? Today, many psychologists believe that both learned behaviors and inherited traits are factors that affect our health and personality. It’s no secret that some traits such as eye color are determined by the genes our parents pass on […]

A calm mind is a health mind

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A Calm Mind Is A Healthy Mind For many people, a low-grade amount of stress is a part of everyday life. So, they may not recognize that it has a negative impact on their overall health. Studies have shown that feeling stress or anxiety on […]

What Is Diabetes-Definition

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Do you know what Diabetes is? Michael Stevens, host of Vsauce, breaks down the science of diabetes—how blood sugar is used for energy by our cells and the important role insulin plays in the process. Too Much Glucose in the Blood Diabetes means your blood […]

how much sugar is too much

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Do you know how much sugar is too much? Are you finding yourself craving sugary goods more and more? If you or a loved one consume high sugar coffee, snacks, donuts or sweets then you need to STOP what you are doing and read every […]

diabetes myths

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There are many myths about diabetes that make it difficult for people to believe some of the hard facts – such as diabetes is a serious and potentially deadly disease. These myths can create a picture of diabetes that is not accurate and full of […]

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Mitochondria – the tiny power centers inside cells that burn nutrients like sugar to make energy – are tightly controlled by the body’s biological or circadian clock. Consequently, there is an optimum time when sugar-burning is most efficient. In tests on mice, the researchers found […]