Facts About San Antonio Medical Supplies

(Since May 1st, 2015) in the San Antonio area.

  • Collectively received/placed a total of 270,000 phone calls

  • Received 20,411 Faxes (orders and documentation)

  • Processed 11,124 orders in the last 9 months from over 750 referral sources

  • Traveled more than 228,000 miles with more than 23,00 stops for service

  • SAMS is JCAHO accredited

  • Consistent same day delivery in most cases with proper documentation

  • Since the Medicare Competitive Bide started (Round 2) in July of 2013, we have dispensed more than 5,500 walkers, 4,000 commodes, 4,500 wheelchairs among many other items.

    We are the largest Medicare provider for standard wheelchairs in our CBA as we dispensed more than 65% of all wheelchairs in the area.

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